To Sell is Human

Posted on April 4, 2014 ยท Posted in Promotional Strategies, Sales Strategy

Daniel H. Pink’s new book, “To Sell is Human” is a remarkable observation of today’s selling environment with powerful direction for us all whether selling or as he points out “non-sales selling.”

Although the Web was expected to replace “sales,” it has done the reverse. There are quite a few more of us selling today, after the Web than before, in real terms — but most importantly in percentage terms.

Sales has indeed changed because now product knowledge (thanks to the Web) is balanced rather than controlled by the vendor. Indeed the world has moved from caveat emptor to caveat venditor. As a consequence of such balanced knowledge “sales” must change.

Pink speaks of “attunement, bouyancy,and clarity” as the attributes of today’s leading sales professionals, and then moves on in the last part of the book with “What to Do” driven by “pitch, improvise and serve.”

The book is wonderfully documented with a fresh look at the art and science of sales using a mix of social science, survey research and potent stories.

By way of example take bouyancy.

Visit ( to discover just how positive you are. You will learn about “the 3: 1 ratio that will change your life.” Not too positive, not too negative but just positive enough. And then, when something bad occurs ask your self three questions and think about your responses:

Is this permanent?
Bad response: Yes, I’ve completely lost my skill for moving others.
Better response: No, I was flat today because I haven’t be getting enough sleep.

Is this pervasive?
Bad response:Yes, everyone in this industry is impossible to deal with.
Better response: No, this particular guy was a jerk.

Is this personal?
Bad response: Yes, the reason he didn’t buy is that I messed up my presentation.
Better response: No, my presentation could have been better, but the real reason he passed is that he wasn’t ready.

There are lots of potent ideas here for your new home sales team.

The book ends with two question to always ask yourself:
If the person you’re selling to agrees to buy, will his or her life be improved?
When your interaction is over, will the world be a better place than when you began.

Potent words for us all.