Start-Ups That Last

Posted on March 1, 2016 ยท Posted in Organizational Strategy

The March 2016 Harvard Business Review’s article “Start-Ups That Last” by Ranjay Gulati and Alicia DeSantola lists four key attributes for any small business hoping to advance. The article speaks to four activities necessary to successfully scale any company, let alone a homebuilding company.

The list includes hiring functional experts, adding management structure, building planning and forecasting capabilities, and reinforcing cultural values. Interestingly they are interconnected suggesting that investments in one spill over into another.

As a for instance the investment in functional financial expertise would add management structure, build planning and forecasting capabilities, and if the right hire — reinforce cultural values.

Even then such investments require a leap of faith. One must believe the business will advance but not without such investments. One must break through the glass ceiling of doubt.