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Promotional Moves.

Land and promotion work together just as a player’s two rooks.  Scope of movement is just as important in promotion as land.

Traffic, traffic, traffic.
If you are pleased with the closing ratio traffic counts are next.
Do you know your closing ratios on Realtor first and subsequent visits?  Do you know your closing ratios on non-Realtor first and subsequent visits?
Are your site conditions remarkable?
Do you have detailed tactics for your sales associates and your company with regards the Realtor, Web and Referral channels?
Are you investing in both mass and social motivational media?
Consider the power of a promotional plan focused on each as presented in the adjoining table.
“We always knew that promotion could provide strong support to our many multi-builder communities.  It was always difficult however to convince our builders as to its value.  Newton Graham Consultants earned their trust while creating some of the strongest branded communities in the market …”
Stephen Pace
Pace Development
Charlotte, North Carolina