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Product Moves.

“A knight on the rim is dim.”  So too  is old product.

The future presents a very different mix of lifestyles.  The historically key households headed by individuals between 35 and 55 is 36% smaller than that presented by the predecessor boomer generation.  They are also delaying their move-up decisions and lowering their investment levels.  
In the last year the greatest number of household formations were headed by those over 55.  In the last year the greatest number of household formations were for single person households.
Do you know the best selling floor plans relating to these household formations?  Do you have a product development plan adjusting your own offering to these changing demographics?
Consider the adjoining table and its power helping you to identify product opportunities with which to meet the changing market.
“Product development is one of our industry’s most difficult processes.  Our work with Chuck’s clients is however easy.  As an architect himself he has developed a detailed programming process which not only helps the client define their needs but also is a way which answers all the architect’s questions …”
James Wentling
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania