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Market Moves.

Bishops know who they are.  They always stay on the color squares on which they begin.  Companies are most successful who know who they are.  One Bishop defends the current execution and the other seeks out the future execution.

Marketing strategy is about understanding the relationships which exist among the customers, competitive brands and your brand.
Do you know the price point at which you earn your largest share?  Do you know which competitive brands have larger shares at that price point?  Do you know the competitive situation above and below your strength?
Consider the adjoining strategic map and its power positioning your company today and tomorrow.
“We’ve all heard a lot about branding and positioning but not much of it is actionable.  Chuck’s strategic space mapping process provided us with a powerful understanding of who we are and who we had to beat.  Every builder needs this knowledge …”
Bill Saint
Classica Homes
Charlotte, North Carolina