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Business Moves.

The queen is the strongest piece.  So too is organizational health when it comes to residential real estate strategy.

Companies pass through various stages of a generic lifecycle.  Is your company an infant, a precocious child, an adolescent, or reaching for prime?  Is your company past prime and facing issues of aging?
Systems and processes are a sign of organizational maturity.
Each stage requires a different mix of short and long term efficiency and effectiveness as well as the leadership to change its prejudices.
Consider the adjoining table and its diagnostic aid to your situation and the possible need to invest in entrepreneurism (long term effectiveness), performance (short term effectiveness), administration (short term efficiency) or integration (long term efficiency).
“Margins are important.   Newton Graham Consultants taught us just how important as we invested in strong estimating and purchasing systems before focusing on growth …”
Lloyd Poe
Lifestyle Builders and Developers
Mindlothian, Virginia