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Chess provides a potent analogy for residential real estate strategy.

You must both master the present and preempt the future. One strategy cannot serve both.

One must simultaneously field both defensive and offensive strategies. Defend your king, checkmate the opponent's. Today residential real estate strategy requires operating with two strategies as well.

Managing the present requires a focus on efficiency by defending margin, matching fixed expenses to considerably smaller top lines and managing unproductive assets.The preemption of the future is a considerably different assignment as one begins to understand the paradigm shifts and their impact on the future.

Newton Graham Consultants has been providing counsel in these areas for more than twenty-five years, reconciling the financial and marketing challenges of the home building industry to produce on-going organizational strength.



Financial Moves

Does my company have the right financial targets?


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Business Moves

Do I know the challenges of my company's life stage and what to do about them?
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Market Moves

Do I know my company's market position and the challenges it will face?


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Place Moves

How can I make better land decisions in the future?


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Product Moves

In what new product lines should I invest today – and tomorrow?

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Price Moves

How do I defend price with quality?


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Promotional Moves

How can I communicate powerfully with today and tomorrow's customers?
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Strategic Thoughts

What else should I be thinking about?


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